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Neo Paganism and the Post Christian Era Part 2



Neo Paganism and the Post Christian Era Part 2



Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?


 It is difficult for Christians to come to terms with the nature of the seen and unseen enemy.    Though the bible is filled with insight into the angelic realms there is a natural tendency to see most struggles through a strictly material prism.

 On one hand there is a commendable reliance on Gods favor to bring about victories over material adversaries but at the same time a striking naivety about the cunning of the enemy we face.

 Those who are now evangelist for the exaltation of the State as the sole source of truth, accomplish many of their goals using a matrix of events and strategies designed to unbalance, confuse and overwhelm their opponents.

 These strategies have been refined over decades of development   and have achieved a level of sophistication which threatens the foundation of our democracy.

These strategies are public and private, governmental and educational; they operate through mass media and political activist.

They may be physically coordinated or have direction in common but none are to be taken lightly.    It would be hazardous to underestimate their effectiveness when applied against pro-life, pro-family efforts.

A listing of some of these strategies may help to illustrate:

 Example A

Adversary Targeting

Follow a targeted adversary and seek to uncover in words or actions, using any means possible, an “event” whether fact or fiction to manufacture a destructive narrative designed to harass, derail or intimidate an opponent.

Use friendly media outlet and/or public interest front groups to disseminate this information.

Project the story if possible from a victimhood position without exposing the pre-determined agenda.

 Example B

Agenda Disguise/Deception

Cast an agenda in a manner designed to create sympathy or disguise the true intentions.

Manipulate language so as to change meaning or modify understanding:

Examples:  gay, progressive, liberal, conservative

Gay, original meaning, happy

Progressive, original description of the trust busting era of the early 20th century.

Liberal, classic definition a believer in liberty, a supporter of freedom of speech, religion and private property.

Conservative, classic definition a supporter of monarchy and royal prerogatives.

Example C

Psychological Desensitizing / Normative Depravity Syndrome (NDS)

Saturate media outlets on a designated subject (i.e. gay rights).  Push subject into public arena as often as possible (i.e. pride parades, movie and television, politics and media)

Push subject to achieve propaganda style reversal of opinions and attitudes.     Follow up attitude shift with aggressive policy of normalization via outlets such as school curriculum and harassment of those who are non-compliant.

These illustrations, though far from exhaustive, show the depth of tactics used by those who pursue interest in collusion with the all-powerful state.  They are most effective when the mass of citizen are ignorant of these devices and can be manipulated by there use.   We need to both warn and remind those in the thick of battle that these tactic can and will be used against them whenever and wherever possible.

There is only one area of society that is the base for the pro-family, pro-life politician and advocate, the church congregation which upholds biblical values.   The crisis we face may well require the sort of Christian unanimity, the early church hammered out in the great counsels, to establish collective action.    The doctrinal differences between Christian denominations take on lesser significant when compared to the unbridgeable gap between biblical Christianity and the Religion of the “secular” State. 


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