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Sorry, Millennials

 What Kind of Future?

It’s become a popular saying about Millennials that the social issues don’t cut it, that the economy and world problems are the only things that really matter.
Having a bright future for somebody in their 20’s seems a reasonable expectation, but to how to get from America 2015 to that better future presents formidable challenges.


Pardon Moi!

The Millennials and the generations immediately before and after them have inherited a very nasty set of circumstances.
Personal college debt is at levels higher than any previous generation, and the public debt piled up by the baby boomers is mind numbing in scope. These two juggernauts alone leave limited options for a prosperous and free future.
To find any way out of this mess, it might be good to see how we all got here.


Model 1 The Boomers

The Boomer generation inherited a set of circumstance that most likely will happen only once in world history.
The prosperity and potential for those born in the US between 1945 and 1964 (compared to any previous generation in world history) seemed so vast it appeared almost unending.
 Even as the Boomers initiated recreational drug use, sexual promiscuity and population control via abortion, the prosperity machine of the US economy continued to chug out prosperity decade after decade.
 The Boomers, whether a result of the lingering hippie Utopian lifestyle or involvement in social causes of no lasting value became in a very real sense merely administrators of their parents and grandparents wealth and power.
Though they invented and refined some pretty nifty stuff.
But the guts of the country: the highways, bridges, dams, factories, space programs, power plant supply, military and global financial system, the meat and sinews of American prosperity were rapidly put in place just prior to and by the World War II generation.
And, the Boomers, as administrators, have taken far more out of the American system than any previous generation; racking up a 120 trillion dollars of debt in unfunded liabilities along with an 18 trillion dollars and growing national debt!



grow under the same freedom and prosperity the WW II generations used so effectively.

The Judeo-Christian values system and the ethics of generations prior to the baby boomers assured a stable, secure, and

Model 2 The Greatest Generation

The Boomers’ parents in contrast were men and woman who faced down fascist and communist threats, and a level of world barbarity we can only be astonished at while watching the History Channel.
 Not one person in that generation suggested national recreational drug use or knew anything but natural (and sometimes common law) marriages.
They inherited a Judeo-Christian ethic from their parents and grandparents, and, though they may have been divided by race, creed and color, as communities, they had very similar rates of marriage and family cohesion.
If you strip away their bad parts (every generation has them) their noble qualities of hard work, commitment and fidelity gave them an energy and optimism that is sadly missing in modern America.M


Choose you this day!

So Millennials have a choice, they can continue to follow the “hippie” values of their parents’ generation, leftism, abortion, gay rights, government centralization, towards a future that has already being sapped of human ingenuity, freedom and personal liberty,
Or, they can come to grips with the fact that Real Prosperity will only grow from Real Values.  Anything other than being on the ethical and moral side of the social issues means  limiting a generations ability to build a prosperous future.
Though a return to those values may prove difficult considering the hold political correctness  (masquerading  as “freedom”) has on the nation’s political/cultural elite, it is not impossible, and is distinctly preferable to the present deeply dysfunctional system.


Updated: December 29, 2017 — 11:32 pm
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