Board Members, Advisors & Volunteers




Join us as we organize and mobilize people of faith across denominational lines with a unified pro-family voice

to generate a powerful and lasting impact on our culture and government.



Our Mission:


  • Protecting Unborn Children/Ending Abortion and Defending Human life as made in the image of God 
  • Defending Natural Marriage as the only comprehensive foundation for building principled cultures and societies, and is distinct in structure for the creation, protection and nurturing of the next generation.
  • Protecting Religious Freedom from secular assault, defending Freedom of Conscience in the public arena 
  • Defending the Rights of Families to have schools and neighborhoods free from drug use and distribution.
  • Defending Families and Teaching Professionals freedom to have schools curriculum that uplifts ethics and morality and does not corrupt our children.
  • Defending Pastors Right to teach and preach as their conscience dictates.
  • Supporting Men and Woman of Faith in all areas of cultural influence.
  • Working with all people to whom the name of the Lord Jesus Christ is blessed.
  • Working with anyone regardless of faith/non faith or creed in defense of these precious liberties.


Board Members and Advisers




Garrett Hashimoto, Chairman Emeritus and Advisor

Steve Holck, Chairman

Pastor Romel Moore, Advisor & Board Member

Margaret Mejia, Vice President & Events Coordinator

Carole Kaapu, Communications Director

Bernard Mendonca, Board Member

Nolan Black, Webmaster

Ashley Coelho, Flyer Designer

Terri Yoshinaga, Volunteer

Joslyn Tobias, Volunteer

Lois Young, Volunteer