Join us as we organize and mobilize people of faith across denominational lines with a unified pro-family voice

to generate a powerful and lasting impact on our culture and government.



Our Mission:


  • Protecting Unborn Children/Ending Abortion and Defending Human life as made in the image of God 
  • Defending Natural Marriage as the only comprehensive foundation for building principled cultures and societies, and is distinct in structure for the creation, protection and nurturing of the next generation.
  • Protecting Religious Freedom from secular assault, defending Freedom of Conscience in the public arena 
  • Defending the Rights of Families to have schools and neighborhoods free from drug use and distribution.
  • Defending Families and Teaching Professionals freedom to have schools curriculum that uplifts ethics and morality and does not corrupt our children.
  • Defending Pastors Right to teach and preach as their conscience dictates.
  • Supporting Men and Woman of Faith in all areas of cultural influence.
  • Working with all people to whom the name of the Lord Jesus Christ is blessed.
  • Working with anyone regardless of faith/non faith or creed in defense of these precious liberties.



Board Members and Advisers



Mr. Garret Hashimoto, Chairman Hawaii Christian Coaltion

Mr. Garret Hashimoto, Chairman Hawaii Christian Coalition

Dr. Jeffery Smith, Vice President Hawaii Christian Coaltion

Dr. Jeffery Smith, President Hawaii Christian Coalition




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