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july, 2017

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Hawaii lawmakers defeat a bill allowing terminally ill patients to end their own lives.  The action comes after decades of debate, which culminated in hours of testimony Thursday morning.After more than three hours of debate from more than 50 people, the House Committee on Health voted down the Medical Aid in Dying bill. 

“It does not fit with our values, with our cultural values, with our aloha,” said Joy Yadao from Hawaii’s Partnership for Appropriate and Compassionate Care.

A supporter of the bill said, “Medical Aid in Dying? works as intended. It’s both safe and trusted and there is very strong public support for this option in Hawaii.”

In the end, Committee Chair Della Au Bellati told the room lawmakers have a duty to protect the vulnerable, and said this bill doesn’t do that.

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Mr. Garret Hashimoto, Chairman Hawaii Christian Coaltion

Mr. Garret Hashimoto, Chairman Hawaii Christian Coalition

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