OHA Trustee Recommendations to Vote for in 2022


Hawai’i Island OHA Trustee 

Mililani Trask 


At Large OHA Trustee – You are allowed to vote for 3. However, we recommend that you only vote for 1. 

Sam King


The above recommendations for OHA are from Kahu Tarita Tehotu.

Please read the important information below about the Office of Hawaiian Affairs


Who is Kahu Tarita Tehotu in relation to OHA?  

We were able to have several conversations with some Christian leaders who are of native Hawaiian descent. Kahu Tarita and other colleagues have been involved with the Office of Hawaiian Affairs since 1979. Although she and a few of her colleagues have resided outside of Hawai’i (on occasion), they remained connected to Hawaiian affairs and updates through OHA newsletters, their family members, and different Hawaiian Organizations. 


However, Kahu Tarita first became involved with praying for government officials in 1997 when she and her husband Kahu Gerard Tehotu were in the process of starting a new work in a foreign country.  Later she and some of her colleagues were challenged to be a “voice” on behalf of the church as native Hawaiians regarding Pro-Life issues. 


A group of like-minded Believers spent hours of praying and seeking God’s plan to build relationships with OHA Trustees and other government state officials.  Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” Jeremiah 33:3 


The Lord put relationships together and that is how intercession began.  He connected us with connecting local and international Believers. They were able to build stronger relationships with the OHA community, and the Hawaiian community. We should not neglect our duty when it comes to being the light of LIFE.  Jesus said I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.” John 8:12 


What is our Kuleana? 

Choose for yourselves wise, understanding, and respected men from each of your tribes, and I will appoint them as your leaders.  Deuteronomy 1:3 


In the past we have talked to many people who were born and raised in Hawaii and asked them two questions: 


1. Do you know the purpose of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs? 

2. Have you ever voted for any OHA Trustee before? 


Much to our surprise, many Believers had little or no knowledge about the mission statement of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.  Many people shared that they never voted because they thought that only Hawaiians could vote for OHA.  Many more ignored the ballot and didn’t bother to vote for any of the candidates. Does this sound familiar?  Today, we can no longer reject knowledge. It is our Kuleana


Since 2016, many people became aware that non-Hawaiians were able to vote for OHA.  Since then, we experienced a great amount of interest from family members and friends wanting to understand the purpose of OHA and the roles of each Trustee as they took the time to educate themselves. 


We have seen division among our Hawaiian Community and the church community regarding OHA, the AUDIT, and TMT.  Some people are talking about voting for Trustees who are in favor of an AUDIT or Trustees who are NOT in favor of an AUDIT. 


The TMT situation on Mauna Kea caused people to talk about voting for the Trustees who are Pro TMT or for those who are AGAINST TMT. People expressed their emotions and concerns, and it caused division in the Hawaiian community and the church community as well.   


There are many other important areas that we the people of Hawai’i should be concerned about when it comes to choosing the Trustees of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs,” says Kahu Tarita, “Some of those areas are housing, healthcare, and education.” 


Today, we are once again faced with having to voice our vote.  But who do we vote for if we’re not familiar with the Trustees of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs and those on today’s ballot?  


We need to become proactive and take the opportunity to be able to vote for the candidates of OHA. Research the present candidate’s servant records and do the same for the new incoming candidates as well. We do this before voting our government officials into office. It is our Kuleana (responsibility) to research, discern, and ask questions to other leaders who do intensive research to help you with your research,” explains Kahu Tarita, “In the last 6 months my colleagues and I receive texts and phone calls requesting updates asking which candidate we would recommend voting for?  We share what we know.” 


I recently asked Kahu Tarita who she would recommend regarding the OHA candidates on this year’s ballot.  Her recommendations are not based on who is AGAINST the building of TMT and who is PRO TMT. 


She believes that these candidates will be able to successfully use their giftings to advance the mission of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs for God’s PURPOSE together with: 


Current OHA Trustees in Office (Please pray for them) 

Chairwoman Trustee: Carmen Hulu Lindsey 

Kauaʻi & Niʻihau Trustee: Dan Ahuna 

Oʻahu Trustee:    Kalei Akaka 

At-Large Trustee: Keli’i Akina 

Molokaʻi & Lānaʻi: Trustee: Luana Alapa 

At-Large Trustee: Brendon Lee




Steve Holck, Chairman Hawaii Christian Coaltion


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