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Neo Paganism and the Post Christian Era Part 1


A U.S. federal judge struck down Idaho’s ban on gay marriage on Tuesday, saying it relegated same-sex couples to a second-class status in violation of constitutional guarantees of equal protection under the law.

A county judge in Arkansas struck down his state’s constitutional bans on gay marriage, saying in a ruling Friday night that they did not advance “any conceivable legitimate state interest.”

Groups backing gay marriage say it is possible that Judge McShane could issue a decision at the end of the hearing on whether to overturn Oregon’s ban on same-sex marriage.

The theme in the devaluation of marriage is the loss of comprehension of the nature of God, Humanity, The State and The Church.

The nature of humanity since the fall of man is continuous struggle against decline and corruption.

Thus attempting to defend itself by using human based reasoning  the State erects tangible and intangible structures as shields against the harsh onslaught of a fallen creation, however history has shown these humanistic arrangements to be insufficient and often instruments of incredible cruelty.

From the pagan alters of human sacrifice to the sanitized gas chambers of Auschwitz humanity’s attempts to bring order, apart from the God of the Bible, have proven by and large disastrous.    So, when we see the revival of pagan ideals in the form of advocacy for abortion and homosexuality they represent a return to old patterns of belief for the State and Humanity.     This nascent revival of pre-christian behavior represent a strategic challenge to the Church to fully and wholeheartedly represent the God of the Bible.

For the Church to be empowered by and in full commitment to Biblical authority makes it the preeminent transformative institution on Earth in all areas, both public and private.   It can redeem the sinner and move nations out of darkness.

The Church has always been far more than a Sunday gathering of believers.   But a place where God, the Creator and Sustainer of the universe, can orchestrate and demonstrate His will in our lives and through that revelation touch the lives of everyone on Earth.

There is the narrative, throughout scripture, of a Church Militant fighting the good fight, prevailing against the gates of hell and putting on the whole armor of God to wrestle against powers and principalities.

Contrary to this is the secular narrative of the “Separation of Church and State” a separation which by modern interpretation leaves the State as the supreme arbitrator of right and wrong,  good and evil!    

Those living under a government that has supplanted God will find diminishing restraint on the States power to dictate.

The answer is not the Church having a seat at the table of human power but the Church focused on being the light for the people, a guide for the grass roots and minister to the masses.   

The Church exists as a earthly commonwealth of God’s Grace.   It is at its best and most productive in the work of the kingdom when it wholeheartedly supports the brethren in the active pursuit of reformation and redemption.   

 Like the apostles and evangelist using Roman roads, speaking and writing in common Greek to spread the Good News, we must adopt new strategies and technologies to face the challenges of our time.

 We still have access to the same mighty power of resurrection and the redeeming work of the Holy Spirit to guide us!    It’s time to stop seeing out how far God will “allow” us to decline but instead pursue and discover what His “will” is for us to bring renewal and revival to this generation and culture.

The weapon to deal with our times and its calamities has always been Truth, unvarnished and unadulterated.   

Homosexuality and its practice lead to personal and societal decline and it “normalization” can only invite further decay.   

Holy Matrimony as well has been cheapened and corrupted by Christians and non-Christians alike through adultery and abandonment and must be lifted back up to its preeminent role in promoting family and human happiness.  

The killing of human life through abortion has coarsened and shattered society and deprived all of us of Gods best for our time on Earth we must work for a generation that is free of abortion.

Speaking the truth, with courage, on these issue and holding to such truth won’t be easy but is the only way short of divine intervention (though the truth of the scriptures is itself divine revelation)  to arrest our collapse towards a neo pagan society.    

If the trajectory of our actions follows other reformation movements such as the abolitionist movement, one can expect a period, as we are in now, of advancement by the opposition, followed by a period of power consolidation accompanied by public ridicule and intimidation of the noncompliant.

Continuing to speak truth particularly if accompanied by societal and/or political inroads will (if the past is repeated) bring about a more open and hostile opposition.    Some who are soft towards the truth will listen and take note while others will continue to harden their hearts.    It is during this process that the mask of “victimhood”, worn so well by progressive activist, will slip and the tyrannical undergirding will become apparent.

This process is dangerous and messy (Jesus was killed for speaking the truth) and is not without risk but as there truly is no other course available; it is the road we are destined to travel.   But remember this course of action, when anointed by God’s grace, has brought about amazing cultural revivals in the past and can do so again.

 DMH Hawaii Futures Project / DefendMarriageHawaii.Com


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