Donate To Hawaii Christian Coalition To Build Momentum!


Hawaii Christian Coalition is part of the “Cultural/Political Infrastructure” needed to build a coalition of pro-faith, pro-family, pro-life, governing majority in the State of Hawaii.

This task must be shared to succeed and flourish.

Every Believer is given the privilege of sharing the Love and Power of Jesus Christ as the best and only hope for ourselves, our families our state and our nation

Your financial support means you are partnering with us as we lift His Name and call on Gods Sovereign Grace and Mercy to achieve a better Hawaii Nei!


Donations checks can be made to: Hawai’i Christian Coalition


And mailed to:

Hawai’i Christian Coalition

150 Hamakua Drive #797

Kailua, HI 96734




We appreciate the trust you place in this work by your donation.  

Your contributions are a vote of confidence in the work of cultural renewal and revival.

Mahalo and God Bless You!



Note: Donations to a 501C-4 non-profit organization are not tax deductible.